Pergolas and Arbours

Looking to update your outdoor living experience? Adding a pergola allows you to shape your outdoor living area, creating the perfect getaway in your own backyard. Ready to take on the project yourself? Our Instruction Manual is free to download!


Homeowners are often looking for new ways to spruce up their outdoor living space.

Your backyard is a canvas of opportunity where you can improve upon its visual appeal and set a mood that’s welcoming to family, friends, and guests.

When designing your dream outdoor living space, consider adding a pergola for extra flair. Not only does it add many intriguing design aspects, but they are easy to build as well!

Need help? You can download our handy Pergola Instruction Manual for FREE!

Benefits of Adding a Pergola
To Your Outdoor Space


Option for
Outdoor Privacy

Extend Outdoor
Living Area


Pergola Accessories

APVB Adjustable Post Base
APVBDSP Decorative Post Base Side Plate
APVDJT Deck Joist Tie
APVL L Strap Tie
APVT T Strap
APVDW Decorative Washer
APA 90° Angle
APB Adjustable Post Base
APDJT Deck Joist Tie
APL L Strap Tie
APBDW Decorative Post Base Cover
Structural Wood Screw
Hex-Head Washer

Cedar Arbour With Bench

Built from Western Red Cedar, we can customize to any look, shape and size! Available in both Knotty and Clear grade, your arbour bench is the perfect spot to get some down time out in the sun!

It's Time for an Upgrade

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