Doors & Accessories

We specialize in making wheelchair accessible saunas and sauna doors. Our designs ensure access for everyone, and our commercial sauna doors meet or exceed AODA standards.

One Window
A variant to our commercial door, this version has a smaller single-frame window built into it.
No Window
You’ll get the most privatized look and feel out of your sauna with this door option.
Full Window
Our full window doors allow for the maximum amount of light to enter the sauna.
Slim Window
A two-panel sleek design in both appearance and functionality for your sauna experience.
Commercial Door
A traditional single frame windowed door to enhance and compliment the look of your sauna.
Four Window
Our four-panel slim window sauna door gives your sauna a unique look while allowing light in.
Long Slim Window
A single slim window built into the door to illuminate your sauna and allow ample light.
Long Window
A larger single-frame window that allows more light inside the sauna to brighten the atmosphere.
Door Handles
Made from quality Western Red Cedar, these handles give your sauna that finished look.
Sauna Bucket
Sauna Ladle
Bucket and Ladle
Steel Pail and Ladle
Harvia Thermo-Hygrometer
Harvia Sand Clock
Harvia Sand Clock Lux
Sawo Sand Timer
Harvia Round Thermometer
Graphic Thermometer
Harvia Thermometer
Harvia Hygrometer
Towel Bar
Head and Backrest
Pegged Rack
Floor Squares

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