Inlite Wall Lights

Bring out the beauty of your outdoor living space with a warm and comforting glow.

Cubid 12V

Subtle cube-shaped wall fixture in white coated aluminum. Generates a warm white light.

Big Cubid 12V

The Big Cubid is a cube-shaped wall light that produces a warm white targeted downward light. The fixture is made of aluminum with an FCBV coating.

Ace Down 12V

The ACE DOWN wall fixture produces a focused beam of light and can be mounted on a wall or fence.

Ace Down 100-230V

The Ace Down 100-230V wall light produces a bright targeted beam of light and can be installed on any wall
or fence.

Ace Up-Down 12V

The Ace Up-Down wall light emits a targeted beam of light upwards and downwards and can be installed on a wall or fence.

Disc Wall 12V

An attractive wall light. The fixture produces a diffuse lighting effect on all sides and can be connected to an in-lite 12V HUB transformer.

Liv Wall 12V

The LIV WALL WHITE wall light is a warm silver coated aluminum fixture with a narrow silver-colored ring. Produces uniform, warm white ambient light.

Halo Down

Halo Down is an elegant and robust wall light with a sleek and wide light display on walls and diffuse light display on the ground for added ambiance. This rounded wall light is highly versatile and is perfect for fences, carports and overhangs.

Evo Down

The stylish Evo Down wall lamp is perfect for creating ambiance by illuminating walls and fences. A style object during the day and, in the evening, a source of attractive lighting without glare.

Wedge 12V

Square wall fixture in dark gray coated aluminum. Produces indirect, focused Warm White light.

Mini Wedge 12V

Small wall light with subtle diffuse lighting effect. It lets you easily create beautiful lighting effects on a low wall, high border or along steps. 

Blink 12V

Wall fixture in coated aluminum. It produces a wide and attractive downward light, designed for illuminating a fence or wall.

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