DIY Sauna Kits

Our Do-It-Yourself Sauna Kits are ideal for homeowners and contractors interested in installing a sauna with ease. Not sure what sauna is right for you? View our Sauna Guide to answer your questions!

Sauna Kits

Our kit comes complete with 1×4 Clear Kiln Dried Tongue and Groove Western Red Cedar for walls and ceilings, 2x4s for a two tier bench, the sauna door, sauna heater and a whole lot more to complete the sauna.

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Aluminum Foil Vapour Barrier

Your Do-It-Yourself kit begins with heat reflective foil to line the walls and ceiling prior to applying the tongue and groove cedar.

Aluminum foil is key in reflecting heat back to the interior of the room and add insulative value. It also stands up to the heat of the sauna unlike plastic vapour barriers.

Tongue & Groove Cedar

Clear kiln dried, 1″ x 4″ tongue and groove is supplied to cover all the walls and ceiling. Our T&G is a minimum of 5/8″ thick and is typically supplied for horizontal application.

Cedar Benches

Clear kiln dried, 2″ x 4″ are supplied to build an upper and lower bench on the longest wall. Also included are all the underside bench crosspieces, bench hangers, bench fascia and all the necessary screws and fasteners.

Optional bench designs, such as “L” shape benches, are common in larger saunas and can be ordered as required. Larger saunas typically replace bench hangers with bench frames adding strength and durability.

Solid Cedar Sauna Door

A pre-fabricated, 24″ x 72″ solid cedar door is included, and can be ordered with or without a bronzed window. Our doors are constructed using clear kiln dried tongue & groove 2 x 4’s bolted together using threaded rods to eliminate contraction and expansion.

A variety of doors and sizes including full window doors, two window doors and options for custom windows using tempered glass are available on request. Door upgrades are available in choice of tempered or thermal pane glass in clear or bronze. Custom door sizes available on request.

What's Included?

  • Western Red tongue and groove clear
  • Cedar benches
  • Duckboard floor, in front of benches only
  • Cedar flooring
  • 24″ X 72″ Sauna door with 12″ X 24″ bronzed glass window
  • Door trim and hardware
  • Choice of Homecraft or Saunacore Residential Sauna Heater
  • Basic heater guard
  • Screws and fasteners (excluding brad nails)
  • Light fixture
  • Aluminum foil vapour barrier

Relaxation Awaits

We are your sauna experts!