Residential Sauna Heaters


Harvia has a comprehensive sauna and spa product range, from heaters and their components to full sauna and spa solutions – meeting the needs of consumers and industry professionals alike. Harvia is a global leader in the sauna and spa market. We want to provide relaxing experiences and natural well-being to people whether at home or at public sauna and spa premises.
Harvia KIP KW
The Harvia KIP, a favourite among Finns, is a traditional wall-mounted heater in which price and quality meet in a manner that is sure to warm the bather.
Harvia Cilindro Electric
The Harvia Cilindro electric heater contains a massive amount of stones. Thanks to the grate-like outer shell, each bather can adjust the nature of the steam.
Harvia Club 11 KW
The Harvia Club heater is a heavy duty heater with enough steam for a large group of bathers, from morning till night.
Harvia Topclass Combi
The Harvia Topclass Combi is a unique combination of an electric heater and a steamer that provides sauna enjoyment for all senses.
Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters
Harvia M3
The Harvia M3 sauna heater has a classic design and is suitable for smaller outdoor saunas, perfectly suiting your relaxation needs.
Harvia Legend 150
The Harvia Legend 150 offers a comfortably moist sauna bath for a smaller sauna. The stove is a treat for the eye and for the sauna bather.
Harvia Linear 16
The Harvia Linear 16 stove is a masterpiece that combines timeless design with a strong structure. The wood-heated stove fulfils even the most demanding bather’s wishes.
Harvia Pro 20
The wood burning heater has a large stone compartment and steel upper grating. The fire glowing behind the cast-iron-framed glass door adds to the ambience of the sauna.
Harvia Pro 20 ES
Through the cast-iron glass door the warm glow of the fire adds to the sauna atmosphere. The 20-litre water container at the front of the stove is easy to use

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