Commercial Sauna Heaters


Saunacore has been in the sauna industry since the early 80’s. With years of producing an extensive line of quality products, we have become one of the largest manufacturers of our kind. Although headquartered in Toronto, Canada, our products are now found around the globe thanks to an increasing number of global clients and dealers.
Standard HD
Floor Heater
A great choice for great quality, this energy-efficient heater comes with a large capacity stone tray and a vented body design making it a welcome choice for your sauna.
Ultimate C6+1
This heater offers durability at its finest. It’s entire body is comprised of stainless steel, able to hold up to 280 lbs. of rocks within its deep rock tray. An extreme duty-grade heater for your sauna.
Saunacore Elite R
This system is becoming an increasingly popular addition to sauna designs because of its heating benefits, radiant heat, energy efficiency, low maintenance and quick construction.

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