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Cedarland is a “One Stop Shop” that will reduce your time and cost of purchasing from mulitple suppliers. And, when you use one of our sauna material packages, you leave with 100% of all the materials you need to complete the inside of the sauna – the first time!

Below is a summary on the components we provide to build your Sauna, and remember with over 15 years of building saunas, we have the expertise for both the first time builder and the experienced contactor or carpenter.

Aluminum Foil Vapour BarrierBuy Vapour Barrier For Saunas in Kitchener

Your Do-It-Yourself kit begins with heat reflective foil to line the walls and ceiling prior to applying the tongue and groove cedar.

Aluminum foil is key in reflecting heat back to the interior of the room and add insulative value. It also stands up to the heat of the sauna unlike plastic vapour barriers.

Tongue & Groove CedarCedar Tongue And Groove Lumber For Sauna Kits

Clear kiln dried, 1″ x 4″ tongue and groove is supplied to cover all the walls and ceiling. Our T&G is a minimum of 5/8″ thick and is typically supplied for horizontal application.

Cedar BenchesBench Made Out Of Cedar For my Sauna

Clear kiln dried, 2″ x 4″ are supplied to build an upper and lower bench on the longest wall. Also included are all the underside bench crosspieces, bench hangers, bench fascia and all the necessary screws and fasteners.

Optional bench designs, such as “L” shape benches, are common in larger saunas and can be ordered as required. Larger saunas typically replace bench hangers with bench frames adding strength and durability.

Solid Cedar Sauna DoorCedar Doors For Saunas

A pre-fabricated, 24″ x 72″ solid cedar door is included, and can be ordered with or without a bronzed window. Our doors are constructed using clear kiln dried tongue & groove 2 x 4’s bolted together using threaded rods to eliminate contraction and expansion.

A variety of doors and sizes including full window doors, two window doors and options for custom windows using tempered glass are available on request. Door upgrades are available in choice of tempered or thermal pane glass in clear or bronze. Custom door sizes available on request.

All standard door sizes are 24″ x 72″.

Sauna Door TrimDoor Trim For Cedar Saunas

Door trim includes 1 x 6 clear, kiln dried boards for the door frame, a set of cedar door stop and a set of bevel casing for the interior of the sauna.

A pair of cedar door handles, brass door hinges, and an adjustable nylon door catch are included.

HeaterKitchener-Waterloo Cedar Saunas Heater

Based on room dimensions, we include the proper kilo-watt sized “Saunacore Heater” complete with controls and igneous granite sauna rocks. Our standard residential heater is stainless steel and can be flush or corner mounted on the wall. Controls can be located on the outside of the room or can be ordered with the control mounted on the heater itself.

A variety of heater upgrades and options are available. All heaters meet CSA and UL standards of approval.

Heater GuardCedar Sauna Heater Guards

Materials including clear kiln dried 2″ x 2″ and 1′ x 4′ cedar boards are supplied to build a protective guard or barrier around the heater to prevent any accidental contact with the heater.

Light FixtureLight Fixtures For Saunas in Kitchener-Waterloo

A vapour proof sauna light is supplied and can be specified as either a wall mount or ceiling mount light.

HardwareBuy Hardware For Sauna Kits in Waterloo

All the necessary ceramic screws, plated screws and galvanized nails are included to build your sauna.

Advantages of a Cedarland Sauna Kit

Saves Time & Money

Cedarland takes the time to select the exact amount of material required to build your sauna. While we will still provide a few extra pieces of Tongue and Groove to compensate for the odd bad piece or perhaps a mistake that you might have made cutting a board. Ultimately, you get all that you need without having purchased extra materials that may not get used or running short from miscalculating your project needs. This eliminates time and expenses of having to make multiple trips to the local hardware or lumber store.

Material List and Labelling

Our customer service team also takes the time to draft up a material list which details all the components included in each and every sauna kit that we sell. Our warehouse personnel use this list to pick your sauna kit and then provide a copy of the list in your sauna package verifying everything in your kit. All the items are also carefully labelled so our customers can identify what all the pieces of wood are designated for. This will eliminate costly errors caused by “not knowing” what the intended use of any of the lumber in the kit is actually for. We want to eliminate any mistakes that you might make by providing proper labelling of all the components in your Cedarland Sauna Kit.

Size Flexibility

You can virtually have any size, shape or design that you want for your sauna room. Although our expert staff might give you some advice and recommendations based on room design and layout, we realize that this is your sauna, therefore, we will work with you to create that perfect sauna to suit your needs and desires. Take time to view some of our Typical Sauna Layouts, or feel free to draft out your own room and provide us with all necessary dimensions and our sauna experts will provide a customized price for your sauna.

Product Quality

Cedarland uses Clear, Kiln Dried, Western Red Cedar in all our sauna kits. The majority of the wood used in a Cedarland Sauna Kit is a premium grade “A & Better” or “B & Better” Clear , however, a variable that we deal with for our clients is selecting different grades for certain specific areas of the sauna. Choosing from an assortment of different grades allows us to reduce the overall cost of your sauna, and we use our purchasing expertise to accomplish just that. For example, the sauna benches use a grade of clear kiln dried 2 x 4’s that have some minor defects on one side of the board. This grade is often referred to as a patio clear, and like a deck you will not see the under side of the board unless you crawled under the benches. The cost of this grade versus an “A & Better” grade which is good on all four sides is substantially less, thus allowing us to reduce the overall costs and the price that you pay for a Cedarland Sauna Kit.


The different grades that we deal with would typically not be available from most lumber retailers as well as some other sauna suppliers. Cedarland is a specialty retailer, our expertise in the lumber business combined with over twenty years experience in the sauna industry allows us to provide our customers with what be believe is a superior sauna to that of many of our competitior’s. Ultimately you are buying your kit from one supplier eliminating the need to deal with several different parties, as well as aggravations created by differences in opinions that several retailers might have.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Heaters all come with manufacturer’s warranty and Cedarland will honour all manufacturer’s warranties as stated. Although wood products do not come with a warranty, at Cedarland we believe in customer satisfaction, any wood products that our clients deem unsuitable can be returned for exchange prior to installation. Our mission is to have satisfied customers, nothing less.

Typical Layouts

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