With extensive research, the Infra-Core “Max” Far infrared saunas are designed with an “Optimization Cooling System” that enhances far infrared penetration and your entire detoxification process. Far infrared saunas operate at a much lower and comfortable temperature than conventional saunas.

With far infrared penetrating the body directly and not the room, it is important for low wattage ceramic emitters to remain cool, for a long wavelength penetration throughout your entire sauna experience. With higher wattages, the surface temperature increases dramatically, offering the user a conventional heat rather than far infrared.

In the Infra-Core “Max” series saunas, the “Optimization Cooling System” allows long wavelengths to be reached and maintained, offering higher levels of far infrared penetration and health benefits. This innovative design has allowed users to benefit from enhanced levels of far infrared. The Infra-Core “Max” “Optimization Cooling System” allows for a higher level in total revitalization of the mind, body and soul, than any other Far Infrared sauna.