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The Benefits of Cedar Siding Homes

Cedar siding homes have some definite advantages, some of which are a beautiful exterior, better protection, increased value and better protection from the elements. Cedar is an excellent building material, with many natural properties that make it durable and resistant to problems.


Long Lasting

Compared to other types of wood, cedar has excellent resistance to rot, bacteria, fungi and mildew. This makes it a much tougher wood that is less prone to problems. All it requires is a cleaning about twice a year and regular inspection for termites and moisture accumulation. If you provide proper care, your cedar siding will last for many decades. It is a low maintenance siding unlike other types of wood.


Variety of Finishes and Types

Cedar siding can be used in its natural untreated form for a rustic, original look. It will gradually age and whiten over the years, but will not last as long as treated wood. For those who prefer the natural look of cedar, a good option is to apply a clear finish. Cedarland recommends coating your siding to protect it from the elements and we would suggest Sikkens Wood Finishes, or TimberPro Wood Coatings.


Warm Appeal

Few exteriors have the same warmth, beauty and natural appeal of cedar siding. Most homeowners prefer this type of siding because it is very attractive and blends in perfectly with most backgrounds. Cedar has been used in buildings for ages and it is therefore regarded as the traditional siding material of choice. Cedar has a unique grain pattern that gives it a beautiful look and also makes it much more resilient.


Durable and Tough

Cedar sidings are tough and resistant to problems such as splitting, swelling and bending. It is naturally resistant to rot and moisture problems. However, like all other wood material, it is best to protect your cedar siding with a protective layer of finish so that it can last longer and look great. No wood is completely insusceptible to termites, humidity and rot. However, cedar is probably the most impervious to all these problems, and does not cup or warp easily.


Environmentally Friendly

Most of us would think that using wood siding is not an environmentally friendly decision. However, cedar wood is an exception because it requires minimal processing and treatment. Once it completes its lifetime of use, it is completely biodegradable. It is a renewable commodity that can last much longer than its other wooden counterparts such as pine.


Superior Insulation

Cedar siding is an excellent insulator, and can help you save considerable energy throughout the year. It prevents the loss of warm air during the winter and keeps in cool air during the summer. It protects the structure of your home from excessive heat, water and dryness, thereby reducing chances of problems with the internal structure.

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