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Sunset 4×4 Neo-Angled Infrared Sauna – Carbon Fiber Emitters – Cedar

Cedarlands 4×4 – 2 person infrared sauna with notched front wall is designed for the user looking for style and functionality.  This unit will plug into your standard wall outlet.

Current Stock: 1 showroom model remaining

Each Carbon Fiber FAR Emitter is designed to penetrate the body up to 1.5″ for deep tissue rejuvenation & detoxification.  With FAR Infrared technology the frequency is designed to vibrate your atoms raising your body temperature without the hot burning air that a traditional “rock” sauna uses.  Your body is being heated directly enabling the detoxification through sweat therapy of heavy metals toxins, alcohol and even nicotine.

Some of the additional benefits include muscle relaxation, relief from arthritis pain, Raynaud’s disease, Fibromyalgia, and many other health related issues.

The 4×4 notched wall features include:

  • Cedar Tongue & Grove on the inside & out
  • 6 Carbon fiber FAR Infrared emitters
  • 2 in back wall, 2 in the side walls, 1 in the calf location, 1 in the floor
  • convenient controls on the side wall on the inside & out
  • CD/Radio player with built in MP3 jack for your iPod type device
  • interior reading light
  • chroma-therapy coloured lights
  • standard wall plug (no electrician needed)

Exterior Dimensions: 48″D x 49″W x 76″H
Total Watts: 1500 Watts
Power Draw: 13.3 amps @ 120 Volts

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