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Wood Stripper


Strip-XBio-Restore Strip-X Gelled Wood Stain Stripper

Water based, safe and easy to use, this biodegradable stripper does not contain contain bleach. Strips and restores, Semi-transparent oil based stains, clear or pigmented sealers. Excellent on all types of woods, safe around vegetation

polyprep-stripperPolyprep Wood Stain Stripper

The liquid stripper for exterior stains quickly removes all types of water based and solvent based stain coatings on exterior wood without damaging the surface.

stripexBio-Wash Stripex Wood Stain Stripper

Stripex™ removes deteriorated semi-transparent oil-based stains and sealers. Stripex™ will also remove damaged and discoloured wood fiber from all exterior wood surfaces including decks, wood siding and log homes. Use Stripex™ to restore wood to its natural colour and prepare surface for re-coating.

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