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Deck and Fence Formula

Timber Pro Deck & Fence Formula is a unique waterborne natural oil resin formula designed to stand up to the harshest environments.

Timber Pro Deck & Fence Formula uses a unique combination of sunscreens and pigments that protect the wood surface from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Deck & Fence Formula provides a durable, breathable finish to beautify and protect your deck from day to day use and wear,
as well as from the elements.

Excellent Penetration: A unique formula that allows excellent penetration, deep into wood decks and fences.

Deck & Fence Formula Breathes: This is especially important where there’s a build-up of water.

Excellent UV Protection: Unique UV absorbers and pigments protects wood from the sun.

Unseasoned Wood — No Problem: Deck & Fence Formula can penetrate wood with up to 21% moisture content.

Easy To Apply: Deck & Fence formula can easily be applied by spray, brush or paint pad.

Easy To Maintain: Cleans up quickly for the application of another coat for continued protection.

Available Sizes: 18.9L(5 Gal), 3.78L(1 Gal)

Colour Guide: Please note other tints are available upon request.
Timber Pro Colour Guide

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