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Cetol® 1 RE

Cetol 1 Reduced Emission (RE), a unique three-coat system combining a basecoat (Cetol 1 RE) that assures excellent penetration and adhesion, and a topcoat (Cetol 23 Plus RE) that provides excellent durability and protection to vertical surfaces.

Features & Finish:

  • Reduced Emission (RE) –> Meets Canadian VOC standards (<350 g/L).
  • Translucent iron oxides –> Improved clarity and colour retention and protects from greying.
  • UV absorbers –> Added UV protection leads to less frequent maintenance.
  • Micro-porous –> Minimizes the occurrence of peeling and blistering.
  • Sheen –> Satin

Garage doors
Patio furniture
Entrance doors

Available Sizes:
1 Litre (1 Quart), 3.8 Litre (1 Gallon), 18.9 Litre (5 Gallon)

Colour Guide:
Please note computer & paper images don’t do justice when it comes to selecting your stain. Please visit our showroom for sample boards of available stain choices.
Sikkens Translucent Colour Guide

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